Goals And Strategic Directions


(photo by Paul Krueger)

Our Vision: An Edmonton that is safe enjoyable and connected for everyone to walk, bike and live in.

Strategic Directions:

  • Reboot Streets
    • Pedestrian (“main street”) areas and dangerous intersections transformed using Vision Zero and Complete Streets principles.
    • All new city work, especially Neighbourhood Renewal, incorporates Vision Zero / Complete Streets principles into every street and intersection it affects.

    Minimum Grid

    • A “low cost adaptive” grid of safe bicycle and walking routes in the downtown area is planned and designed. Three pilot connected routes are constructed.  All the routes are low cost and adaptable.

    Default 30 km/h Speed Limit

    • A default of 30 km/h in all residential areas (exceptions like arterials and some collectors would be signed).

    Capacity Building

    • Events/Initiatives/Communications that boost the P4P brand, enroll members/partners/volunteers and increase awareness of our strategic directives.

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