Paths for People

Making Edmonton a friendlier place to walk, roll and cycle

What we do

Connecting Edmontonians with efforts and events to create a more livable city. We strive to help Edmonton become a multi-modal city where active transportation is a safe, accessible, year-round option for all.

Human-centred by design.

Whereto Next

We’re working with young people to advocate for a more sustainable and accessible transportation system in Edmonton.

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Walking and Rolling Tours

We’re providing a pandemic-safe way to learn about and be active in our City. Compiling walking tours for all over Edmonton!

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An event series merging the many modes and perspectives of active transportation. 

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Active Places

Profiles of local people, places, businesses and organizations who are supporting and encouraging Edmontonians to walk, roll and cycle.

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Missing Links

A crowd-sourced map of gaps in active transportation infrastructure in Edmonton.

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The perspective of our enthusiastic and strategic community-builders working to create a walkable, bike-friendly hometown.

We’re midway along an important process working towards actually building safer, more liveable streets across Edmonton. Paths for People is very excited about the opportunity Edmonton has to build a significant expansion of our biking infrastructure for biking. Administration has produced 4 options for Committee to review. To translate this table to the map below,…

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On August 23, 2022, Paths for People spoke to City Council regarding updates to the City’s report on its Curbside Management Strategy. This strategy is an exciting opportunity to more efficiently and effectively use public road space to support community needs and goals. Parking space is a key component of our public roadway system; it’s…

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