What We Do


Our enthusiastic and strategic community-builders offer data-informed perspectives and equitable solutions to create a walkable, bike-friendly hometown.

Missing Links

Five case studies of inexpensive, straight-forward improvements possible on city streets and sidewalks.

These examples were chosen from more than 200 issues submitted by Edmontonians identifying gaps in sidewalks, crosswalks and bike routes, via our Missing Links initiative.

Open Streets

A massive street party put on by Paths for People—opening iconic Edmonton roadways to everyone as paved parks.

Contraflow Series

An event series merging the many modes and perspectives of active transportation

Accident and Fatality Map

A map of motor vehicle accidents reported by media, involving pedestrians and/or cyclists in Edmonton, AB. The map documents news reports from 2019 onward.

GPS draw YEG

We’re challenging Edmontonians to draw as they walk and cycle their city—with the help of GPS. New theme each week.

Active Places

Paths for People is profiling local places, businesses and organizations who support and encourage Edmontonians to walk, roll and cycle.