Whereto Next

Paths for People received grant funding from the Harbour to support a youth-oriented engagement project that encourages young people to become involved in municipal government and city-building.

  • Young people in Edmonton have limited transportation options due to the auto-oriented nature of the transportation system.
    • Youth are less likely to be able to drive and less likely to be able to afford the accompanying costs of automobile ownership.
    • They rely on public transit and active transportation to get around.

There is a need to encourage the re-imagining of public spaces and shift resources to support increased sustainable transportation infrastructure.

Paths for People has developed this survey and an engagement campaign over the Summer and Fall 2022 to encourage young people to become involved with advocating for a more liveable and sustainable transportation system with the support of this grant funding. There is a huge potential to implement this vision via the Bike Plan Implementation and City of Edmonton 2023-2026 Capital and Operating Budget.

We are hoping to connect with youth (people 30 years or younger) via this survey.

If you are 30 or younger, you will be taken to the main survey.

If you are over the age of 30, you can answer “no” to the following question and may complete the form on behalf of your dependents/children. If possible, make sure to discuss with them what they hope to see from the future of your transportation system.

We are planning on running public engagement events in high-traffic outdoor areas in Edmonton. And by high-traffic, we mean high-traffic for walking, rolling, scooting, and biking. Listed below are tentatively scheduled dates/locations where we’ll be promoting the opportunity to fill out our survey and talking about the overall initiative, we’d love to meet and chat in person.

  • Thursday, July 28 6:30-8pm on the south end of the Walterdale Bridge (no rain-out/smoke-out date)
  • Saturday, July 30 1-2:30pm at UPDATED Henry Martel Park on Ada Blvd (rain-out/smoke-out date is the following day)
  • Tuesday, August 2 6:30-8pm at Main Entrance to Beaumaris Lake, near the EPL (no rain-out/smoke-out date)
  • Saturday, August 6 1-2:30pm on the south end of the Tawatinâ Bridge (rain-out/smoke-out date is the following day)
  • Monday, September 5 2-4pm in the Terwillegar Dog Park near the parking lot (no rain-out/smoke-out date)

And here’s a map, because we love a map!

If you are interested in this kind of opportunity in your community, please follow up with us at [email protected] and may be able to facilitate further dates in late August/early September. We want to run more of these kinds of events all over Edmonton!