#GPSdrawYEG Challenge

Draw as you walk, roll + cycle Edmonton—with the help of GPS

In Spring 2020, we ran a weekly challenge to encourage Edmontonians to be active and outside, while maintaining social distancing

Here’s how it works:

📱 STEP 1: Pick an App

Download a basic GPS running/walking app to your smartphone

📐 STEP 2: Improvise or Plan

Using the theme provided for the week, figure out what you want to draw with GPS.


If you’re happy to just see what you can come up with on the fly, just go for it!


If you’re wanting to be exact with your GPS drawing, consider making an outline beforehand.

You can do this within many of the apps or with an online map. It’ll allow you to sketch out your exact route.

✏️ Step 3: Draw!

  • Turn on your GPS app
  • Head out the door
  • Maintain safe social distancing (2 metres)
  • See what you create

📤 Step 4: Share your Creations

Once your GPS art is complete, share it with us and we’ll share it too!


Use hashtag #GPSdrawYEG on Instagram or Twitter


Send the image to: [email protected]

Holidays 2021 Week 3 Submissions

Theme: new year

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Theme: 2020

Holidays 2020 Week 1 Submissions

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🍟🍕🧁🥕Spring 2020 Week 5 Submissions

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Spring 2020 Week 4 Submissions

Theme: home

GPS artist: Tyson Mastel

👣🚲🛹 Spring 2020 Week 3 Submissions

Theme: active transportation

GPS artist: Linda Hut

🌻 Spring 2020 Week 2 Submissions

Theme: flower

GPS artist: Sarah Doll

🐕 Spring 2020 Week 1 Submissions

Theme: dog

GPS artist: Scott Rolan