Active Places | ISL Engineering & Land Services

ISL Engineering and Land Services is a consulting firm of engineers and land services professionals working in transportation, land and water projects for both public and private sectors.

As of 2020, the south central Edmonton office (map) has a half dozen free amenities to support employees getting into active transportation, as part of the company’s overall sustainability goals:


The six bike lock-up protects bicycles from the elements and is available year-round.


Two nearly metre-wide racks were supplied by Bike Edmonton and installed in 2014.

Manufactured locally by Special Metal Fabricating, the racks are designed by the City of Edmonton to meet bylaw requirements. The 1″ galvanized steel racks are suitable for nearly all sizes of bikes, holding them securely with all common locks.

ISL bought for $1000/rack.

There is also visitor bike parking at the front of the ISL building.

Access to the employee and visitor racks are a priority even in winter, with dedicated snow clearing for both areas.


A repair stand is available at the rear exterior of the ISL building, nearby the outdoor employee bike racks. The permanent station includes common bike repair tools and a tire pump.

The equipment was installed two years ago.


Employees have access to locker rooms, complete with showers. The lockers can be used to keep toiletries and towels for when staff members wish to freshen up after a walking or bike commute.


If staff have a work meeting off-site they don’t need to bring their own car. Employees can walk, roll, cycle or take public transit to ISL headquarters and use a company vehicle. This amenity has been available for more than a decade.

Several staff members use the facilities. In the summer, there are 10-15 staff members cycling. In the winter months, there are two regular bike commuters, including senior engineer, Sandra Gaherty:

Sandra Gaherty, Senior Engineer at ISL Engineering and Land Services

“I can work around things, I’ll lock my bike up wherever. I don’t really mind if the snow isn’t cleared in the bike racks.

But at the same time, it’s just respectful to say everyone makes their own choices and we’re going to support whatever choice you make.

It’s mostly about respecting that everyone has a choice about commuting.”