Active Places | Manasc Isaac Architects

Manasc Isaac Architects has had the same home in downtown Edmonton for more than 20 years. Over the building’s lifetime it has been retrofitted, as part of their longstanding commitment to green transportation and employee health.

Manasc Isaac is known as a green building pioneer, centring their work on making the world a better place. They believe transportation is a key piece of the puzzle in mitigating climate change and improving health.

They want to walk the walk, not just talk!

They feel encouraging and facilitating active transportation is an extension of the work they do as well as their culture and values.


The firm provides indoor bike storage for their team of architects, engineers and interior designers to use free-of-charge.

What DOES cost money is parking.

The company charges their team if they choose to use the parking lot behind the building for their cars. It’s about providing additional incentive to consider active transportation to get to the studio.


A shower facility is available for staff to use. There is no fee to use this amenity.

It’s located just off the bike storage space.


Free Edmonton Public Transit passes and/or tickets are given to any staff who want them.

This indirectly encourages active transportation, as some of the Manasc Isaac team opts to walk or bike for part of their commute, then hop on the train or bus for the rest of their journey.

The Edmonton firm believes incremental active transportation matters!