Add Edmonton’s Bike Network to your Google Maps App

In celebration of World Bicycle Day, we are sharing a map created by Paths for People Member Daniel Morin and giving it a permanent place on our website! This is a map of all bike routes in Edmonton. You can add this map as a ‘layer’ on google maps so that you can reference it when determining your route. 

Map link: CLICK HERE to open.

Steps to access the map

  1. Open the link on your device (Note: Make sure you are logged in to your Google account)
  2. Select ‘Legend’ and then select the ‘Star’ icon to save this map to your Google Maps account
  3. Open Google Maps on your phone/tablet
  4. Select the ‘Saved’ icon at the bottom of the screen
  5. Find and select the ‘Maps’ Icon
  6. Select the map to add it as a layer onto your Google Maps

Note: If you remove the bike network layer from your map, you will have to re-add it. See something missing? Is there an inaccurate route? Submit a change request here!

This map was created by Paths for People Member Daniel Morin! Daniel is an Urban Planner passionate about mobility equity, affordable housing and sustainable development. In the day, he works for a nonprofit affordable housing consultant, and at night he spends his time roamin’ the streets on his bike and advocating for his community as the Oliver Civics Committee Director.

We asked Daniel some questions about this project and Edmonton’s transportation system.

What inspired you to do the project?

I was inspired to do this project because of my past experience exploring and navigating Edmonton on my bike. In Edmonton we have seen growing investment in and focus on mobility lanes for active users. However, there are still major gaps, so it is super important to have convenient, integrated information as a cyclist in order to make safe route choices.

The City has great public data on the location and classification of bike routes (Shared use path, protected lane, etc.), but there was not an easy and integrated way to access this useful information. That’s why I created this map layer on Google Maps, so that people can access a 1-stop-shop for mobility infrastructure information in the City, helping them spend more time enjoying cycling/walking/rolling in our City and less time being stressed out.

What you value about Edmonton’s Transportation System?

I value Edmonton’s increased focus on mobility equity; making sure that everyone, regardless of how they get around, can move about safely and conveniently throughout our City.

What do you hope for the future of Edmonton’s Transportation System?

I look forward and hope for a transportation system that continues expanding on this focus. I believe we need to start looking at how we have conventionally done things, and question if those approaches truly lead to a people-first transportation network. When planning businesses, transit stations, schools, and neighbourhoods, we need to continuously and purposefully ask “How will someone who bikes/walks/rolls get here?” and “Is this amenity accessible for someone who requires a mobility aid?”  

Sources for Map:
Edmonton Open Data. Bike Routes.
Additional routes provided by Daniel and feedback from users.