Municipal Election Survey 2021 – Sspomitapi

Over summer and fall 2021, we reached out to candidates to understand what their vision for safer, more liveable streets is within our communities. We are sharing their responses on our website and social media to help you make an informed vote on October 18 (or sooner, if you choose to vote in advanced polls).

More info on the voting process here.

Ward Sspomitapi is located in southeast Edmonton, covering the Meadows area.

Sspomitapi is pronounced “SS-POH-ME-TAH-PEE”. It is a Blackfoot word that means “Star Person.” You can find out more information here.

In Ward spomitapi, we had 2 out of 7 candidates respond to our survey. Below are their responses.

Link to website here –

Link to website here –

Thank you to all the Candidates who responded to our survey! We look forward to working with the future Council and the rest of the community to build a city with safer, more liveable streets