Fall 2021 Supplemental Budget Adjustments – Part 1

City of Edmonton City Hall

On November 29, 2021, Paths for People spoke to City Council regarding the Fall 2021 Supplemental Budget Adjustments.

Here is the link to our full speaking notes!

This process is a key checkpoint within the City of Edmonton’s four-year budget cycle to re-prioritize municipal spending. In our submissions, we did the following;

  • celebrated positive parts of this budget,
  • advocated for greater investment in low-cost and high-impact projects, and
  • expressed our enthusiasm for the potential of th upcoming 2023-2026 budgeting process.

Here are some key quotes

“Safe and liveable streets are streets that are free from hate and prejudice, streets where everyone feels safe and welcome to walk as they are.”

“Initiatives like EndPovertyEdmonton and RECOVER are vital ways to support community wellbeing and ensure that we care for the most marginalized within our community, who often have nowhere to go but the streets.”

Andrew Ritchie, Board Member with Paths for People

“Vision Zero Street labs also present a huge opportunity to give Edmontians more agency over their streets in a low-cost and high-impact way. Many of us want our streets to look different so that they are safer and more vibrant.

“Simple tactical changes through Street Labs are a great way to communicate to our neighbours who may still be unsure about this that changing the way our streets work is not only possible, but also positive.”

Haiqa Cheema, Board Member with Paths for People