Connecting with our new Council

Over January to March 2022, we connected with every member of Edmonton’s City Council to introduce our organization and our vision.

The conversations we had were positive and give us hope that this council will take bold action when it comes to building safer, more livable streets that provide Edmontonians with transportation options.

Based on feedback from our membership and our vision for the City, we shared 3 key priorities with members of council.

  1. Consistent, predictable and substantial annual funding for active transport improvements across the City to support City Plan, public transit utilization, and 15-minute districts, as part of the 2023 – 2026 Operating and Capital Budget. 
    • City Plan envisions that we should eventually achieve a mode shift to 50% active transportation and transit. Our spending should reflect our priorities. 
  1. People-Oriented Main Streets are a key way to make vibrant walkable communities that support the local economy as well as provide amenities and services close to where people live.
    • Every district in Edmonton should have a main street where people can live, socialize, and shop. 
    • Main Street Renewal needs to prioritize people first and re-allocate public right-of-way accordingly.
  1. Building Great Suburbs means there are active transportation options where a majority of Edmontonians live. In the suburbs, discussions around active transportation infrastructure often focus on walking trails between neighbourhoods and ponds, transit connectivity, and access to neighbourhood amenities. 
    • Building 15-minute cities supports active transportation options whether you live in the core or in one of the many other charming communities across Edmonton. 
    • Pushing the standard for active transportation even higher for developing or recently developed communities is possible.

If you’d like to review the briefing package for each Ward, you can find that here.

We will continue to push for these priorities through on-going work the City does through high level processes like land use plans, development guidelines, and bylaw changes. We will also push for this vision in more tangible ways via advocating for operational projects like infrastructure renewal and expansion (like Bike Plan implementation, Sidewalk Renewal, and Neighbourhood Renewal), as well as through Vision Zero Street Lab and Snow/Ice Control.

Moving forward, we know the 2023-2026 Capital and Operating Budgeting process will be a key way to put our City’s money where our City’s mouth is. The City we envision in City Plan will not get built in a day, in a single budget, or within a decade. But, we’ll never achieve that vision if we do not advocate to build the city where we have safe transportation options for everyone starting today.