Paths for People stands in solidarity with CSU52

Paths for People stands in solidarity with CSU52 Edmonton Public Library employees as they prepare to strike at 11am on Friday, March 15.

CSU52 represents over 6,000 technical, professional, clerical, and administrative employees across the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Public Library, with many of their staff directly working on supporting and implementing major city building projects. We’ve been able to work collaboratively with them to advance major initiatives such as the Active Transportation Network Expansion project Old Strathcona Public Realm updates, fixing Missing Links, and much more!

While we’re relieved that CSU52 and the City of Edmonton have come to an agreement, it is critical that our Edmonton Public Library employees are not left behind.

Libraries foster critical third spaces within our city and greatly contribute to the vibrancy of our public spaces. Their focus on city-wide community building supports the development of people-centered spaces across the City of Edmonton.

Appropriate compensation and flexible work environments are critical to ensuring that the city can retain skilled, qualified individuals to drive city projects and services forward. With no wage increases since 2018, CSU52 employees have not been able to keep pace with inflation and increasing costs of living. With the operating budget primarily supporting CSU52 compensation, the City of Edmonton would not be required to extract funding from major city building projects to improve compensation.

We can work towards building a better city, and ensure that those who work so hard to build it are fairly compensated for their efforts.

Paths for People believes that this is critically important as the city works to grow and become a better place for all residents. This ensures that the people supporting the city we want are fairly compensated and encouraged to continue their critical work. We urge both parties to work towards a resolution to ensure CSU52 employees get a fair deal, and if necessary we look forward to standing in solidarity on the picket line. Learn more about tangible ways to support CSU52 here.