Board Members’ Duties

We’re seeking individuals to:

  • commit to the work/mission of the organization.
  • attend monthly board meetings, including the Annual General Meeting.
  • serve on one or more committees focused on communications, or financial planning
  • speak on behalf of Paths for People at public events, city council committee meetings, and with the media.

 General Duties

  • approve, where appropriate, policy and other recommendations received from the Board and its committees
  • develop the strategic direction, programming, and advocacy of the organization
  • review the bylaws and policies and recommend changes to the membership
  • review the Board’s structure, approve changes, and prepare necessary bylaw amendments
  • participate in the development of Paths for People’s organizational plan and annual report
  • approve Paths for People’s budget
  • assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the Board, committees, staff members and community to enhance Paths for People’s mission


Board members can expect to volunteer 5-10 hours/month

 Executive Positions

  • Chair (10-30 hours/month)
    • oversees the organization
    • runs board meetings
    • has a signing authority
    • is an ex-­officio member of all Committees
    • acts as primary point of contact
    • speaks on behalf of the organization
  • Vice­-Chair (5-10 hours/month)
    • supports the work of the Chair 
    • ­​presides, in the absence of the Chair, over board meetings
    • is a signing authority for the organization 
    • speaks on behalf of the organization as needed
  • Secretary (5-10 hours/month)
    • takes minutes at board meetings and files all minutes 
    • oversees record keeping and administrative correspondence of the Committee
    • ensures that the organization meets filing deadlines
    • maintains records of organization membership
    • can be a signing authority for the organization
  • Treasurer (5-10 hours/month)
    • oversees the financial matters of the organization and presents to the Board a detailed account of revenues and expenditures as requested
    • ensures an audited statement of the financial position of the Committee is prepared and presented to the Annual General Meeting
    • is a signing authority for the organization