July 20, 2021

BIG IDEA #3 Saskatchewan Crossing: A Proposal for Mobility Across Garneau

Considering the multidirectional intersection at 109 Street and Saskatchewan Drive, this presentation will highlight how the space is currently navigated by all modes of transportation, as well as potential solutions for future innovation. Light sequences and physical urban design principles are considered to provide a set of recommendations for safer pedestrian permeability across this heavily used intersection. Highlighting features to restructure this essential intersection can support efficient and safe uses for all modes of transportation in the future.

Tuesday, July 20



It’s free.

Part of a four-part webinar series featuring students from the Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Alberta as well as the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.

Jared Althouse | MSc in Urban and Regional Planning
Jared is presently pursuing the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Alberta. While his main research interest focuses on heritage planning policy, connections to place (and especially Edmonton’s places) have propelled his passion for community involvement, innovative urban design and placemaking. He is an advocate for active transportation and regularly utilize the bicycle infrastructure around the Whyte Avenue area. He envisions an organized, well connected city where people cross paths and identify with the spaces they collectively reside in.

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