June 15, 2019

🚲 111 cyclists perform Eine Brise 🚲 Presented by P4P and C’mon Festival in collaboration with Latitude 53

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We’re looking for 111 people on bikes to perform Eine Brise by Argentine avant-garde composer Mauricio Kagel.

Eine Brise translates as “a breeze” and is composed for 111 cyclists travelling in a pack (approximately 1.5 meters apart) while making 5 distinct sounds during their short journey:

  • Ringing bike bells
  • Whistling
  • Singing
  • Making a shhhhhh sound
  • Making a fluttering sound

Edmonton Symphony musician and artistic director of the C’mon Festival, Kathryn Macintosh will lead the “Bike Breeze” with signs located along the route to indicate what/when the different sounds are made.

  • Meet at 2pm – Railtown (at 102 Avenue)
  • Rehearse at 2-2:15pm
  • Perform

Once the group has assembled, we’ll set out heading east along the 102 Avenue bike lanes then turn north up 106 Street past Latitude 53 and end on the block north of 103 Avenue.

No musical experience necessary!!!

Interested cyclists, please RSVP on Eventbrite so we know how many folks are participating.

**We’re encouraging adults and youth only to participate in the choreographed performance

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