June 23, 2020

How to get people exploring Old Strathcona/West Ritchie

A free, public talk on how to harness the vibrancy of Old Strathcona and West Ritchie to create a more walkable, animated and resilient place.

The presenters will outline The Public Spaces, Public Life Plan and how it provides a comprehensive framework for activated public space, enhanced mobility and inclusive public life.

Part of a five-part webinar series featuring Geography And Planning Students’ Society (GAPSS) and other students from the Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Alberta

Tuesday, June 23

It’s free.

*all registered attendees will receive the Zoom URL in an email the day before the event


Tara Brown
Tara is currently on the job hunt after completing her Urban Planning after degree. She hopes to one day work on projects in a professional role that enhance our metropolitan’s beauty while prioritizing walkability. She believes we need to build the community’s capacity to achieve sustainable outcomes for these place based projects.

Croy Johnston
Croy is a fourth year undergraduate Urban & Regional Planning student. Fascinated by urban realms and livable places, he strives for a greater Edmonton that’s more vibrant and culturally diverse. Throughout his life he’s found a passion for development, real estate, and design that is sustainable and people-focused. He strives to reimagine places and buildings with tangible customized solutions that integrate well with the existing urban fabric and create an impressionable experience. Croy believes curiosity and collaboration can create distinguishable assets that people are proud of.

Amos Kajner-Nonnekes
Amos is an urban designer and public artist whose work can be found across Edmonton. His installations and design work explore how citizens experience their urban environment, and how under-utilized spaces in the city can be spaces for interaction and vibrancy. Amos uses architecture, sculpture, light, and experiential design to transform how people experience the urban landscape and create spaces for communities to thrive. Amos currently leads DESIGN, et cetera., an urban design and placemaking studio — he is also a recent graduate from the University of Alberta’s School of Urban and Regional Planning.
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Cooper Csorba
Cooper is a senior level undergraduate student in the School of Urban and Regional Planning and an aspiring Canadian urbanist. He found a passion for urban planning by thinking about how cities can solve inequalities and be designed to include more people, and particularly those who have been left out of decision-making processes. Cooper takes a qualitative approach to his work and view of urban planning to understand the emotion and appetite of specific contexts, in preference of rules and principles that can be broadly applied across contexts.

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