April 30, 2021

Winter Biking for the Screen Submissions Share your winter biking story!

Paths for People partnering with YEGFilm (www.yegfilm.com), Edmonton’s collaborative community film producer, and local winter cyclist and writer Tim Querengesser (timquerengesser.com) to announce Winter Biking for the Screen, a contest to pitch short winter biking film ideas for an intended YEGFilm production and eventual potential screening at the International Festival of Winter Cinema.

The Contest seeks ideas for short films up to 10 minutes in runtime that incorporate the theme of making winter biking an attractive, enjoyable, or challenging experience during the COVID19 Pandemic or any other time. Ideas can include topics such as:

  • Featuring the voices and perspectives of historically marginalized groups or those who face mobility barriers such as new immigrants, people without drivers’ licenses, those who are not able-bodied, people with low incomes, people who live in remote areas, or seniors;
  • Choosing cycling vs. cycling being the only available choice;
  • Cycling in the suburbs;
  • Featuring the voices and perspectives of children who cycle in winter; or
  • Featuring the voices and perspectives of Indigenous winter cyclists or winter cyclists of colour. 

Pitches should be no more than one page and include a title, short synopsis, and identified themes. Setting, character, and visual style descriptions are encouraged but not required. The pitches can be for films of any form, including documentary, narrative, animation, experimental, or mixed forms. 

All pitches should be submitted to [email protected]. Submissions are open now and the deadline to submit is April 30, 2021. Pitches will be evaluated for their creativity, honesty, feasibility, and uniqueness. The winning pitch will be selected and announced by May 10 with the winner receiving a $200 cash prize from #YEGFilm. 

The winning writer will have the option of #YEGFilm adapting their pitch into a short script or working with writer and cyclist Tim Querengesser over May and June to adapt the pitch into a short script themselves.