Fall Budget Adjustment 2023: Write to your Councillor

With City Council facing a significant deficit in the budget this year, all investments and services are under threat of being scaled back or cut altogether. See our blog for our full position on it.

We want to give you a tool to raise your voice to ensure that the $100 million for Active Transportation Infrastructure is maintained within this round of Budget Adjustments. Find your councillor on the map below, and use the included email template to let them know why you think maintaining the $100 million for active transportation infrastructure is critical. Feel free to copy and paste; you can find a text table at the bottom of this page with all of the Councillor’s names, emails, and Wards. You can also look up your Councillor by address here.


Subject Line: Fall Supplemental Budget 2023 – Support Walking, Rolling, and Biking

Hello [Councillor Name]

I live in Ward [ward name] and I am writing to you today to express my support for maintaining the $100 million to fund the Active Transportation Implementation Acceleration Infrastructure Plan in light of the Supplementary Budget Adjustments presented to City Council on November 7th. 

I personally see value in this funding, as I want more transportation options within my community.


It is important to note that this $100 million only gets us half way to our goal of implementing the Bike Plan and providing better transportation choices across the city. We will need continued investment in future budget cycles to ensure more Edmontonians have more transportation choices. We cannot roll back now because we will need to invest in these choices to achieve our City Plan goals.

We need to maintain this funding as it is the fiscally responsible choice – with wider spread at a reduced cost compared to vehicle infrastructure, safe and protected active transportation infrastructure gives Edmontonians choice in how they move around their city. Additionally, since this project is paid through debt financing over a long period of time, cancelling it would have minimal impact on the current budget cycle, with the highest cost being 0.15% of the total operating budget ($3.3 million) in 2026. Further, we’ve gotten some really great press on our leadership in Active Transportation over the last few months (See Globe and Mail, Dutch Cycling Embassy, and Youtube creator Shifter), and it would be really awkward if we pulled out now. 

I implore you to consider the implications of pulling out of or reducing this funding. With such a minimal impact to the operating budget over the next 4 years (0.02-0.15% per year), it is critical to maintain our investments in order to shift Edmonton into a more progressive, fiscally responsible city by enabling alternative modes of transportation for our citizens. 



[Postal Code]

Erin RutherfordAnirniq[email protected]
Aaron PaquetteDene[email protected]
Jennifer RiceIpiihkoohkanipiaohtsi[email protected]
Keren TangKarhiio[email protected]
Ashley SalvadorMétis[email protected]
Andrew KnackNakota Isga[email protected]
Anne StevensonO-day’min[email protected]
Michael Janzpapastew[email protected]
Tim Cartmellpihêsiwin ᐱᐦᐁᓯᐏᐣ[email protected]
Sarah Hamiltonsipiwiyiniwak[email protected]
Jo-Anne WrightSspomitapi [email protected]
Karen Principetastawiyiniwak [email protected]